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Wellness at the Château des Lumières

Resting and relaxing at the Château starts with a walk in our park, why not in the summer, lounging in our hammocks or in the winter to enjoy our Jacuzzi and sauna.
The weekend is also a special time to take some time for yourself. For this we offer you our wellness areas as well as the services of our masseuse.
Access to the spa and sauna is by reservation only. (please contact us for information on prices and availability)
The Finnish sauna requires half an hour of heating to reach its temperature (80°c). The relaxation areas are not freely accessible and need to be accompanied by one of us.




The spa is placed outside in a Canadian gazebo and the sauna in a Finnish kota.
We always recommend starting with the hot tub and ending with the sauna.
Access is under your own responsibility. Pregnant women, children under 16 years of age, people with heart problems and people in poor physical condition or people with a medical prescription are not allowed to use the facilities. They should consult a doctor before using them.