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In order to offer you even more comfort and serenity, Le Château des Lumières offers you during your stay, to spend a moment of relaxation with our patrician, qualified in intuitive massages and magnetism.Nathalie offers you intuitive treatments which aim to provide you with a moment of relaxation and well-being. It is important to evacuate all the stress, overwork and other tensions that we often have to bear today.It is a unique and personalized massage.Nathalie will listen to you with all her senses, to allow you to talk about yourself and let your body express itself.Nathalie will accompany you in letting go, in order to understand and feel what is going on inside you, to let your body and your mind revel in absolute relaxation.You will determine together, your needs of softness, a time of word in the benevolence will allow you to continue by the massage.Nathalie is looking forward to welcoming you. These treatments will be offered to you, upon prior reservation, from 9am to 8pm.
The price is 70 euros for 1 hour of massage per personor 40 euros per person for 30 min of massage(2 massages required our provider will not be able to come for a 30 min massage thank you for your understanding.

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