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The kota sauna

The kota-sauna is located in the first Finnish outdoor kota on the castle terrace. The word Kota means, extension of the summer. Here it has been converted into a Sauna and reaches 80°C after half an hour of heating. For the more courageous, a cold shower is installed right next to the entrance.Reservations required.
You must enter the sauna barefoot. Swimming costumes are mandatory. You can hang your clothes on the pegs inside the Kota. Chains, necklaces and watches must be removed, as metal objects may burn your skin.

It is imperative to use the towels in your rooms to access the sauna. ATTENTION, it is strictly forbidden to touch the stones, they are hot and you could be seriously burned. If you are not used to the sauna, we recommend a first session of 20 minutes maximum to start. We set the temperature at 80°C. The heat rises, so the higher you are, the higher the temperature.
A bucket with water scented with eucalyptus essential oils is available to humidify the air in the sauna if you feel it is too dry. Water the stones sparingly. But beware, the impression of warmth will be even greater...
It is not advisable to go back to the jacuzzi afterwards because the temperature is much lower and after a sauna in terms of hygiene it is compulsory to take a shower again before entering.

The jacuzzi is placed outside in a Canadian gazebo and the sauna in a Finnish kota.
We always advise to start with the jacuzzi and finish with the sauna.
Access is under your own responsibility. Pregnant women, children under 16 years of age, people with heart problems and people in poor physical condition or people with a medical prescription are not allowed to use the sauna. They should consult a doctor before using it.